Five Things Every College Student Should Know

College is stressful, especially for incoming freshman, it helps to take a few pointers from students who have been in the game longer.

The Truth about Textbooks

96803174_books_259155cYou will have teachers who swear by their books and you will have teachers who couldn’t care less. The thing with required texts is, teachers HAVE to post a required text. Its a ploy for your school to make more money, but in reality its pretty rare for me to even open any of my textbooks. With all the resources available to you on the web, textbooks are becoming a thing of the past. My advice to you is to wait for the first day of class. On the first day the professor will tell you if the text is required, some teachers will even email you the week before letting you know to buy the required text. This method saves you the time and money that would otherwise be wasted on the unused textbook. IF the text is required always always always ask your professor if there is an older version of the text that you can use. Schools require the newest version of the text but usually versions that are two or three behind are scarcely different. Don’t forget to always check the web for free pdf versions! Bill Gates also has free textbooks available for students here. Thriftbooks also offers a wide variety of texts for very cheap and usually have coupons for free shipping.


How to Excel in Class


Go to office hours. GO. TO. OFFICE. HOURS. Your professors are required to dedicate a few hours of the week to sitting in their office waiting for confused students to wander on in. Your professors want to help you, and going in and having a one on one with your professor will give a face to your name and allow you a more personal learning experience. Professors are there to enhance your learning and its free tutoring from your instructor, take advantage.

Check your E-mail


If you’ve never maintained a regular email, you need to start learning now. your professors and the school will send LITERALLY everything to you student email address. Due dates, last minute assignments, class cancellation, extra credit, assignment clarification, school events and the like will all be sent to your student email. Check it daily. This is a huge mistake that new students make. If you don’t like the platform you use you can easily have all of your student emails forwarded to your personal email.

Freenters and Making Money off Printing Homework


Chances are your professors will have you printing anything and everything, which can get very expensive. My first week of school I spent five dollars just printing the syllabus and first introductory assignments. Utilizing a platform like Freenter is essential for all college students. They’ll pay you to print pre-selected adds out along with your homework and who doesn’t like to make a little extra cash? It is completely free to students and a great tool to use to make a little money off of all those homework assignments. My advice to you is to buy a twenty dollar printer from wal-mart and printing everything from home to maximize efficiency and moneysaving. Learn more about Freenters here.

Campus Involvement and Lasting Friendship


Whether you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons or shopping, there’s a club for everyone. Check with your school’s engagement office to see the clubs and events available to you. Joining a club or organization not only boosts your resume, it also builds connections. Networking is so important in college, and what better way to meet people just like you than to join a club? Not only will it give you new opportunities to explore, you’ll build lasting relationships with people that a lot in common with you. My advice to you is get out there and attend a first meeting, there’s no pressure to join and you’ll find out more of what you like. If you are unsure check out this article on why you should join a club.


What To Do When You’re Blue

635941288691995957-1761224894_stressed-woman-under-stress-1000x600Honestly, college sucks. That’s the horrible truth that no one wants to admit. Although this is a brutal perception, it doesn’t mean you have to let reality get to you. When you feel like giving up, there are far more things to think about than how much college sucks.

Mid-terms are coming up, so you need to prepare early. Yeah, camping out in your school’s library day and night seems effective, but many college students in the past have made like a broom and overswept through their classes with this technique.

Rather than torturing yourself through your studies in the quietest, most secluded areas, try studying in a comfortable environment. Don’t let studying get you down because it can only hurt you. You can be like a mummy and listen to your favorite wrap music! Psychology Today explained a study showing that students’ memory can be indirectly improved when they are in a positive mood. Listening to your greatest playlist before a long study sesh can benefit you later on.

Another thing to help you survive is too not let your mind wander. It may seem soothing to start letting your mind run wild thinking, “Will adding 18 carrots to my soup turn it into gold?” but before you know it, you’ll stress more about all the time you’ve wasted not getting down to work. In time, you’ll be calculating the precise grade you have to get on your next three exams to barely pass the class. Stay focused to avoid your midterm blues!

Something that students often forget about tests is that you don’t have to study alone! Connect with someone from your class and quiz each other for maybe 30 minutes each day, a few days before the test. This can be in person, over the phone, or on a Skype call. This person doesn’t even have to be in the class you’re taking. A tip from USA Today College said that a good way to study is to go to an empty room and teach someone the material you’ve learned. The best way to know if you’ve learned your stuff is to go teach it to someone that knows nothing about it.

Something else to remember is that when you decide to dedicate time in your day to study for that midterm, that should be your sole focus. You can’t stress yourself out with the many worries of the world. Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun? It’s because they’re always a little short, but you don’t have time to worry about your lack of funds. Whenever you need extra cash, remember that you’ll have spare cash in your account when printing with Freenters, and get back to studying.

Finally, spread the midterm cheer! Try to keep your friends just as positive as you are during one of the most stressful times in college. If you enjoyed the random placement of corny jokes in this post, take a look at our post 10 Corny Jokes To Tell Your Cornier Friends for more and lighten someone’s day during midterms.

Today’s cornball jokes were inspired by 101 Corny Jokes found on

Now, do you want to hear a joke about pizza?

Never mind, it’s too cheesy.



10 Corny Jokes to Tell Your Cornier Friends



Thanks to The Little Strawberry at, we’ve narrowed down their list of 101 corny jokes to give you our top ten! Share them with your friends to either get a good laugh or a pair of eye rolls.

  1. Why was the broom late?
    It over swept!

  2. What type of music do mummies listen to?
    Wrap music!

  3. How do you organize a space party?
    You planet!

  4. Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun?
    They’re always a little short

  5. Why is it difficult for a pirate to learn the alphabet?
    Because he always gets lost at “C”

  6. How do you turn soup into gold?
    You add 18 carrots!

  7. Wanna hear a joke about pizza?
    Never mind, it’s too cheesy.

  8. What do you call a fake noodle?
    An impasta!

  9. What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?
    Where’s pop corn?

  10. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?

Print off this list with Freenters and study it alongside your midterms to be equally knowledgeable in your biology test and corny jokes.



10 Dates For When You’re Both Broke



In light of Valentine’s Day, it’s important to do everything you can to make your special someone feel special. Taking a quick glance at your bank account tells you that you don’t have very many options. Fear not! Here are ten date ideas that are all about quality time and saving money! Utilizing Freenters‘ printing services can help you pull enough cash for one of these budget-friendly dates.

1. Chopped

Possibly one of my favorite date nights, the chopped date night is for those who love to compete with their crush. Go head to head and see who is the better chef. This takes very minimal planning and can be made as cheap as you want! I only spent $13 on mine.c420947869f348e2afb6a21e63f68b6b


You’ll need:

   – ingredients (I used these)
   – two baskets (or two boxes)
   – some competitive music (here’s a playlist)

   – access to a kitchen

If you don’t know how chopped works I’ll give you the general guidelines and you can customize them to your own event. Players are given a box of the same mystery ingredients. Once the competition starts you will have 30-60 minutes to create the best meal with the ingredients you have. You may also put out some extra things that are available to everyone (like spices, veggies, side dishes).  I suggest watching an episode of chopped before doing this date.
Pro-tip #1: Make it even more exclusive by renting an apartment for the night with Airbnb ($60+)
Pro-tip #2: Invite another couple over to spice up the competition! BUT keep in mind how many people because only so many people can use the over/stove at once! Try using ingredients that are already cooked if this happens!

2. Bob Ross Paint Night 

This date is always a winner and guaranteed to spark some competition and laughter. The best part is, I only spent about ten dollars. Everyone has seen the deals for Paint Night, but it can range anywhere from $50-100 for just a mediocre piece of art. I give you BOB ROSS, the happiest, most pleasant artist to ever walk the face of the Earth. You’ll fall in love with just one of his videos. They are free on Youtube and Netflix! CAUTION: these painting look extremely hard, but Bob Ross maintained the idea that anyone could paint if they tried. He gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to paint his work and surprisingly IT’S EASY.

 What you’ll need:

   – Select a video and painting that you want to recreate and watch it to be sure.
   – You can get two canvases from wal-mart for about $5-7
   – Paint brushes ($3-5 Wal-Mart. Try Dollar store!)
   – Acrylic Paint (Watch video ahead of time to know what colors! ($1 wal-mart)
   – Newspapers to protect the ground from any spillage
   – Plastic cup for water to clean brush
Pro-Tip #1: BYOB? Alcohol is always a good mix with art
Pro-Tip #2: Make this a double date and invite another couple! You can see who is the best painter.
Pro-Tip #3: Snacks make every party a better one! Here’s an easy cookie recipe:

3. DIY Pizza Party 

This party only cost my $15 and who doesn’t love pizza? This party is super fun because it’s kind of a DIY. You get to spend some quality time with your crush, all the while creating something you’ll both love (competition?).


Here’s what you’ll need:

   -Pizza dough (you can make it with this easy recipe, or buy it already made $1-5)
   -Pizza sauce (red, white, pesto – you decide! $2-6) You can also make it using tomato
      paste and chicken broth!
   -Pizza toppings (get creative – pepperoni, olives, pineapple) ($2-5)
   -An oven bake at 450 for about ten minutes (check your pizza dough package for more specific directions)
Set out the ingredients for you and your significant other. Let your creative juices flow and create your own pizza!
Don’t have an oven? Make these pizza bites with a toaster oven!
Pro-tip: Make it a double date! See who’s pizza tastes the best!
Pro-tip #2: After the pizza is done baking put on a romantic movie! Or go for a walk and work off those calories.

4. The Target Date

Okay this is a new one and it’s a little harder than you think! Probably a better date for those who have been together longer.
This date costs $10-20. Grab $5-10 and drive to Target. Once your there you both have one hour to find the best gift for the other person using the $5-10 you brought! You CANNOT go over. After you both finish come back together and see who bought the other the best gift!


Pro-tip: Loser buys dinner? (Dollar menu!)




5.Nature Walk/Picnic

Google your local attractions and check out the good hiking spots. Grab a backpack and pack a specially made lunch for the two of you and get going! Make sure to look at the difficulty of the hike before going and make sure your partner is able to do it too.


What you’ll need:

   -Hiking shoes
   -Lunch ($8-15)
   -Blanket to sit on
Pro-tip: Bring your partner’s favorite snack to let them know you pay attention. OR bring them a small gift!

6. Game Night

Whether you’re just getting to know someone or if you’ve been together for years, a game night is always a fun way to learn new things about each other.


Set up some snacks and select your games for the night! My favorite: Cards Against Humanity. Don’t have it? Print it for free here. Print it using Freenters and make $2.40!
Do some research for games your partner might enjoy!
 Pro-tip: Snacks make everything more fun (so does alcohol!)

7. Museum 

A day at the Museum is always fun. Make a day of it and bring some lunch! Or, if you have extra cash check out a local spot to really get immersed in the community! Always check Groupon for local deals and coupons (and your Freenter coupons)!

fa2a259123076e00ec88888ff8d1dddbPro-tip: Museums have a bunch of free days and usually have student discounts, check their websites for any discounts!

8.Mini Golf

The classic movie date. Show off your golfing skills and score with your partner. It’s good for some competition and quality time. You can usually find a good deal for $7-10.


Pro-tip: If there are multiple courses don’t do the last hole in each course or you’ll lose your ball! Skip the last hole and do all the courses! Save the 18th hole for when you’re ready to go home.



9. Movie Night at Home

Doesn’t sound special but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made to be special! Grab as man pillows and blankets as you can find and make the room as comfy as possible! Build a fort! Or build it together! Decorate the room with candles (or snacks) and pick out your partner’s favorite movie! Pop some popcorn and relax together!

Pro-tip: If you can have it outside then I would suggest moving the movie night to your backyard.
Pro-tip #2: Have nerf guns? Make this even more fun by having a war before settling in.







10. The Arcade

Last but not least, is one of my all time favorites, the arcade.


This can be a little more expensive than other dates but check your local websites and groupon (psst…. here’s a coupon)for better deals! Dave and Busters and Gameworks usually have deals going. I just bought $40 dollars worth of credit for $20. They also have cheaper nights to go and student specials! Whether you like Time Crisis or Dance Dance Revolution, you two will have a great time here!

5 Dorm Room Recipes in 5 Minutes or less!


Courtesy of Flickr Images

Do you lie awake a night, scrolling through your Instagram and Pinterest accounts slobbering over amazing food you can’t afford? Freenters presents its best five recipes to satisfy your foody needs. Make your friends envy you with what they think are small diner classics, but really are your microwave delicacies. 

  1. Breakfast in a Mugeggs-in-mug-jpg-653x0_q80_crop-smart

    This recipe is great for every college student guilty of skipping out on the first meal of the day. An article from USA Today explained that committing to a breakfast schedule improves a student’s short-term memory retention, is the best way to jump start your day and really, who doesn’t love breakfast.
    When you don’t have time to spoil yourself with an egg, bacon, and veggie omelette, Breakfast in a mug only takes seconds. Visit College Express for more details on this recipe and more.

  2. Dirt Puddingdownload

    Sometimes you have a sweet tooth and want more than a chocolate bar but less than making a pan of brownies, right? Try making Dirt Pudding. Find your inner kindergartner again, who loved playing in the dirt, and relax your mind from everyday college stress. Visit The California Aggie and learn how they craft their dirt pudding with cookie dough, chocolate pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms. Yum!

  3. Mason Jar Oatmealgallery-1470174299-14623247002-1d30aff0ff-b-1

    We turn to the mason jars for drinks when we’re all out of clean cups to use. Why not turn it into a colorful fruit meal? Seventeen Magazine offers a delicious recipe that requires as little as oats, yogurt, and fruit. You can save money on your Instagram post worthy meal and find the rest of the recipe here.

  4. Fruity Frenchiesfruity_pebbles_french_toast3_15b5f530cebdd197149e686e892d1eeb-today-inline-large

    Stop by to satisfy your “I don’t know whether I want cereal or french toast” needs. Fruity Frenchies are bread that you dip in eggs and Fruity Pebbles, otherwise known as Fruity Pebbles French Toast. It’s the new trend floating around college campuses, so go cook your new favorite cheap scrumptious meal tomorrow morning.

  5. Walking Tacoabda9383-0db8-4e3e-bd8b-ec93f696c4c8

    Betty Crocker has blessed us once again with one of the simplest recipes for some of the simplest people who avoid cooking at all costs. A Walking Taco is literally a bag of Doritos with ground beef, shredded cheese and lettuce; it’s genius. For more details, visit here.

Want to learn about how to save money for more cheap dorm room recipes? Visit Freenters  to download our software for free, print off these recipes, and start earning money in college today!