5 Dorm Room Recipes in 5 Minutes or less!


Courtesy of Flickr Images

Do you lie awake a night, scrolling through your Instagram and Pinterest accounts slobbering over amazing food you can’t afford? Freenters presents its best five recipes to satisfy your foody needs. Make your friends envy you with what they think are small diner classics, but really are your microwave delicacies. 

  1. Breakfast in a Mugeggs-in-mug-jpg-653x0_q80_crop-smart

    This recipe is great for every college student guilty of skipping out on the first meal of the day. An article from USA Today explained that committing to a breakfast schedule improves a student’s short-term memory retention, is the best way to jump start your day and really, who doesn’t love breakfast.
    When you don’t have time to spoil yourself with an egg, bacon, and veggie omelette, Breakfast in a mug only takes seconds. Visit College Express for more details on this recipe and more.

  2. Dirt Puddingdownload

    Sometimes you have a sweet tooth and want more than a chocolate bar but less than making a pan of brownies, right? Try making Dirt Pudding. Find your inner kindergartner again, who loved playing in the dirt, and relax your mind from everyday college stress. Visit The California Aggie and learn how they craft their dirt pudding with cookie dough, chocolate pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms. Yum!

  3. Mason Jar Oatmealgallery-1470174299-14623247002-1d30aff0ff-b-1

    We turn to the mason jars for drinks when we’re all out of clean cups to use. Why not turn it into a colorful fruit meal? Seventeen Magazine offers a delicious recipe that requires as little as oats, yogurt, and fruit. You can save money on your Instagram post worthy meal and find the rest of the recipe here.

  4. Fruity Frenchiesfruity_pebbles_french_toast3_15b5f530cebdd197149e686e892d1eeb-today-inline-large

    Stop by Today.com to satisfy your “I don’t know whether I want cereal or french toast” needs. Fruity Frenchies are bread that you dip in eggs and Fruity Pebbles, otherwise known as Fruity Pebbles French Toast. It’s the new trend floating around college campuses, so go cook your new favorite cheap scrumptious meal tomorrow morning.

  5. Walking Tacoabda9383-0db8-4e3e-bd8b-ec93f696c4c8

    Betty Crocker has blessed us once again with one of the simplest recipes for some of the simplest people who avoid cooking at all costs. A Walking Taco is literally a bag of Doritos with ground beef, shredded cheese and lettuce; it’s genius. For more details, visit here.

Want to learn about how to save money for more cheap dorm room recipes? Visit Freenters  to download our software for free, print off these recipes, and start earning money in college today!


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