Five Things Every College Student Should Know

College is stressful, especially for incoming freshman, it helps to take a few pointers from students who have been in the game longer.

The Truth about Textbooks

96803174_books_259155cYou will have teachers who swear by their books and you will have teachers who couldn’t care less. The thing with required texts is, teachers HAVE to post a required text. Its a ploy for your school to make more money, but in reality its pretty rare for me to even open any of my textbooks. With all the resources available to you on the web, textbooks are becoming a thing of the past. My advice to you is to wait for the first day of class. On the first day the professor will tell you if the text is required, some teachers will even email you the week before letting you know to buy the required text. This method saves you the time and money that would otherwise be wasted on the unused textbook. IF the text is required always always always ask your professor if there is an older version of the text that you can use. Schools require the newest version of the text but usually versions that are two or three behind are scarcely different. Don’t forget to always check the web for free pdf versions! Bill Gates also has free textbooks available for students here. Thriftbooks also offers a wide variety of texts for very cheap and usually have coupons for free shipping.


How to Excel in Class


Go to office hours. GO. TO. OFFICE. HOURS. Your professors are required to dedicate a few hours of the week to sitting in their office waiting for confused students to wander on in. Your professors want to help you, and going in and having a one on one with your professor will give a face to your name and allow you a more personal learning experience. Professors are there to enhance your learning and its free tutoring from your instructor, take advantage.

Check your E-mail


If you’ve never maintained a regular email, you need to start learning now. your professors and the school will send LITERALLY everything to you student email address. Due dates, last minute assignments, class cancellation, extra credit, assignment clarification, school events and the like will all be sent to your student email. Check it daily. This is a huge mistake that new students make. If you don’t like the platform you use you can easily have all of your student emails forwarded to your personal email.

Freenters and Making Money off Printing Homework


Chances are your professors will have you printing anything and everything, which can get very expensive. My first week of school I spent five dollars just printing the syllabus and first introductory assignments. Utilizing a platform like Freenter is essential for all college students. They’ll pay you to print pre-selected adds out along with your homework and who doesn’t like to make a little extra cash? It is completely free to students and a great tool to use to make a little money off of all those homework assignments. My advice to you is to buy a twenty dollar printer from wal-mart and printing everything from home to maximize efficiency and moneysaving. Learn more about Freenters here.

Campus Involvement and Lasting Friendship


Whether you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons or shopping, there’s a club for everyone. Check with your school’s engagement office to see the clubs and events available to you. Joining a club or organization not only boosts your resume, it also builds connections. Networking is so important in college, and what better way to meet people just like you than to join a club? Not only will it give you new opportunities to explore, you’ll build lasting relationships with people that a lot in common with you. My advice to you is get out there and attend a first meeting, there’s no pressure to join and you’ll find out more of what you like. If you are unsure check out this article on why you should join a club.


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