What can your Student ID do for you?

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College is expensive. With tuition, gas, room and board all adding up you barely have enough money to even think about eating. Here’s a guide on how to utilize your student Id to its fullest extent.


A list of the best places to eat for cheap.

Image result for chipotleChipotle

Who doesn’t love the healthy options that chipotle offers? Show your student ID and get a free drink! Now you have enough to get that extra guac.


Eating fresh never sounded better! When you’re in the mood for something light and quick Subway offers the best fresh ingredients for your sandwichy needs. Get 10% off when you show your ID.


If you are just as obsessed as I am with chick-fil-a then this is a dream come true. Most locations offer a 10% off discount or a free drink when you show your student ID. #SpicyChickenDeluxe

Sam’s Club

Sign-up for a Sam’s Club Collegiate membership and get a free $15 Sam’s Gift Card. You will also receive “student only” coupons.


Amazon Prime

This one doesn’t require a student ID, however, it does require your student email address. Get Amazon Prime for free for three months when you sign up with your student email address. After your membership runs out wait one month and renew it again for free. This comes in handy when ordering last minute textbooks…or snacks. Amazon Prime also provides movie and show streaming just like Netflix!


Mac computers come with a hefty price tag, but with your student ID  head over to your local apple store and get $200 off any Mac laptop or $50 off any Ipad.

Image result for spotify photosSpotify

Students get a 10% discount on the Spotify premium. Premium comes out to only $4.99 per month, not bad for an ad-free music app! Not to mention it frees up a lot of space on your phone if you don’t download the music.


Students can save up to 80% off popular Adobe software.  Click here for more information.



Banana Republic

Banana Republic is your one stop shop for professional clothes. With important internships and job interviews approaching its handy to have a place to go that you can get a discount. Show your student ID and get 10% off your purchase!

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is another spot to buy business attire! Get 15% off when you show your ID.

Image result for h&mH&M

H&M offers 15% off at select stores  to students who show their ID. It’s hard to beat their already great prices!

***You can bundle coupons on top of your discounts at some of these retail stores! Check online for coupons***



Image result for regal theatersRegal Theaters

Have you seen our cheap date post yet? It has plenty of dates well under twenty dollars for you and your sweetie to go out and spend some quality time with out breaking the bank. Places like Regal theaters offers $1.50 off of movie tickets anytime Sunday-Thursday!

Cinemark Theaters

Who doesn’t love a movie night out with your friends? Check this list of all the Cinemark theaters in the U.S. that offer a student discount.

Check your local theaters for $5 movie nights too!



Being an adult is hard and paying the bills is even harder. Get 20% off your insurance with Allstate if you’re a full time student. Are you in good hands? You are now.

State Farm

State Farm offers a  student discount program that not only gives you 25% if you get good grades, but the savings lasts even after you graduate until you reach the age of 25.



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