How To Spend Your Free Time For the Greater Good

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about what you should do and how you should do it on various topics, most of which involving your free time. When you’re experiencing the lazy Saturday or know you won’t have plans for the weekend, don’t spend time wallowing in your unsociable sorrows and try out these things to benefit your community.

Donating blood#Donated #Blood

Making a donation is one of the easiest ways you can make a difference. It’s as simple as walking in, getting to relax, and getting free food at the end. If you’re worried about needles don’t panic; go in with your friends and conquer a fear. It’s just one tiny pin prick that will save multiple lives. If donating blood is something you’re comfortable with, consider donating plasma and make some money out of it. Most campuses have opportunities about when you can donate, otherwise visit the American Red Cross to find a location to donate near you! If you want to know more about plasma donations, visit

PhilanthropyImage result for helping the homeless

As you may know, there are dozens of opportunities to involve yourself in charity work on campus. Seek out these organizations and take the initiative. If you don’t know where to look, you can visit and find opportunities from wherever you’re located.

Multicultural Services

And as many of you may not know, there are ways you can help on a smaller spectrum. Often times campuses have some kind of center for international students. Stop by and find out ways where you can help a fellow student with tutoring or even just finding their way around campus, or if you’re interested in becoming a tutor alone that’s a great opportunity as well.

Music Heals All

Accoustic Jam in Hongkong
Do you love musical performance and want to help someone in need? Musicians on Call is an amazing nonprofit that brings musicians to patients in hospitals that need a little cheering up. Whether you consider yourself to be an amateur or a pro, sign up to be a part of this amazing movement to perform your music in hospitals either in New York, Philadelphia, Nashville, Miami, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, or Baltimore.

Give Your Voice to Someone Else

Has anyone ever told you that you love the sound of your own voice? Well then why not put it to good use. allows you to record your voice from the comfort of your own home and they use it to create a synthetic voice for those who have the inability to speak on their own.

All these activities look great on a resume, so along with the joy of giving back, helping others will always benefit you in the end. Remember to help out your friends too and tell them to download Freenters to print what they need and earn money when they want!


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