Procrastinating & You: How to be a More Organized Slacker

We have all been there – it is 2 a.m. the night before a huge paper is due. You’re running out of motivation, inspiration, sleep, and most importantly, coffee. What would we give to not be procrastinators? You are not alone though. Most college students probably identify as professional procrastinators, and it is chronic. Here are some tips to help future you get more sleep and peace of mind!

Look at the syllabus and make a plan.


It might seem like your final paper is a long way away, but creating a plan to tackle it will help you finish it in a timely manner. Take a look at your syllabi the day you get them, write due dates in your calendar and write when you plan to start working on it. The anticipation and idea of when you are going to start can help motivate you.

When you have energy, work.

Most days in college are tiresome and long. At the end of most days, you might have very little energy left to truly dedicate to school work. But there are times when you might feel strangely energetic. Use. That. Time. It doesn’t happen as often as you might like it to, but when it does you could get a lot of work done.

Start with just your ideas.


You should never start by diving right into writing the paper or creating the PowerPoint. First, research and figure out any ideas or thought you want to incorporate into the paper or project. Organization and structure will get you far.

If you do fall behind, just breathe.

It is not the end of whole world if you are not perfect – breathe. You are human and life happens and you will make mistakes. Waiting until the night before to write a paper and not giving it 100% for 100% of your life is not going to end your world.


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