April Showers! How to Get Through This Uncomfortable Time of Year

It’s cold and rainy… Sunshine and heat! Then it’s cold and rainy again… then the sun is back and it’s 75 degrees outside! … and then it’s cold again. This truly is the worst time of year. Mother Nature seems like she can’t decide whether or not she’s done with the bitter winter, or if she wants to finally step into summer. Spring sucks for anyone who hates the cold, the rain and the allergies. Don’t worry though! Freenters has got you covered with these tips to get through it all!

Wear layers.



The temperature this time of year could go from freezing cold to nice and warm over the lunch break. Make sure you are wearing a couple layers to prepare yourself for the change. Try a tank top under a t-shirt, and put a sweatshirt or a cardigan over that. You’re ready to brave the great outdoors!

Carry an umbrella… always.

Especially if you live in the northern east or northern west, rain is horrific at times. To avoid a bad hair day or looking like a drowned rat, make sure you keep a small to medium sized umbrella in your backpack. You can find great ones on Amazon!

Drink water!


It cannot be stressed enough the importance of water all year round, but it is especially important that you are staying hydrated this time of year. Water helps with a lot of functions in our body, and if you’re hydrated, you are less likely to catch that cold or flu that’s been making its way across campus. Stay. Hydrated. Please.

Consider allergy pills or an inhaler.

Headaches? Sore throat? Trouble breathing? Yeah, that does sound like spring for the allergic. If you don’t already, try taking allergy pills to help soothe your symptoms. Inhalers are also great for helping get you through the pollen apocalypse. Be sure to check with your doctor before you try anything new!

Get plenty of sleep.


For the same reason you should be drinking water, you should be getting plenty of sleep. According to studies done at Stanford, college students should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night, but most get either well over that or well under. Sleep helps your immune system, so it is crucial that you are getting the proper amount of Z’s.

Buy a humidifier.

Are you waking up with a dry nose and eyes? Your room could be in desperate need of some humidity. Most college students don’t think about it, but the air in the dorm rooms is probably not as fresh or livable as it seems. If you are waking up with a sore throat, dry eyes or even nose bleeds, invest in a humidifier. You can get pretty good ones for $20-$30 on Amazon or at Walmart. If you are really suffering from a bad cold, buy some essential oils with your humidifier and put the oil in with the water. You do not need one of those fancy oil diffusers to do this – just a humidifier and the oils.

Smile and stay hopeful!


Summer break is just around the corner! Hang in there, collegiates!



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