Finals Week Essentials

For some of us, it’s that dreadful time of year again. For others, it is just around the corner… Finals week is upon us, and it is getting so difficult to stay awake. Luckily, it’s almost over and you can almost breathe again! Until fall that is… Here are some essentials to get you through the week. Most blogs will try to get you to buy some fancy-shmancy products, but here at Freenters we are all about keeping you going, not going broke.


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You must drink water. It keeps your body functioning at best and a glass of cold ice water will wake you up when you need it. Start sipping.



Finding time to get a good night’s sleep in can be hard around finals, but you have to plan ahead. Set goals for when you need to get things done, and schedule that around your sleep schedule. You can’t get that A+ if you are sleep deprived.


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There is something so satisfying about making a list, and it is even better when you get to cross things off your list! To stay organized, make a list of everything you have to do and when it is due. It will keep your head straight, and it will feel even greater to throw it away on that last day of finals!

A break.

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It might seem like cramming and studying for hours on end straight through is the most effective way, but it’s actually very inefficient. If you really feel the need to study to for hours at a time, take at least a 5 to 10 minute break every 20 or 30 minutes. Your mind will refresh, and you can go back and test yourself to see much you actually retained.

Study snacks.

giphy (4)

This one is just for you. Treat yourself in the midst of all the chaos.


giphy (5)

In other words, just breathe. Get outside to study or take a walk on a study break. Take deep breaths when you’re feeling stressed, and try to relax. You will make it through!


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