Wait, What’s Free College Tuition?

I wouldn't know because I don't live in New York. If you've somehow not heard already, New York is officially the first city in the U.S. to offer tuition free college to students. But before you start packing your bags, be aware that there's a catch (because there's always a catch). First, it's important to … Continue reading Wait, What’s Free College Tuition?


Do You Think You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep Each Night?

Only around 11 percent of college students report that they consistently gain enough sleep each night because sleep deprivation is an ongoing epidemic on college campuses. Sleep deprivation may seem like the new norm, but depriving your body of much needed rest can hurt your GPA, lead to ongoing health problems, and result in a … Continue reading Do You Think You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep Each Night?

Avoid Poor Spending Habits

Sometimes when you get to college, it's your first experience with true independence. We have a tendency to not invest where we should and spend money on things we don't need. Whether it's your first year in school or your last, everyone makes the same common mistakes. Make sure you don't pick up on these poor … Continue reading Avoid Poor Spending Habits

What To Do When You’re Blue

Honestly, college sucks. That's the horrible truth that no one wants to admit. Although this is a brutal perception, it doesn't mean you have to let reality get to you. When you feel like giving up, there are far more things to think about than how much college sucks. Mid-terms are coming up, so you need … Continue reading What To Do When You’re Blue

10 Dates For When You’re Both Broke

10 dates quality dates that won't break the bank

5 Dorm Room Recipes in 5 Minutes or less!

Courtesy of Flickr Images Do you lie awake a night, scrolling through your Instagram and Pinterest accounts slobbering over amazing food you can't afford? Freenters presents its best five recipes to satisfy your foody needs. Make your friends envy you with what they think are small diner classics, but really are your microwave delicacies.  Breakfast in … Continue reading 5 Dorm Room Recipes in 5 Minutes or less!