A Priest, A Minister, and a Rabbi Walk Into A Bar…

Actually, there weren't any religious figures, but there was a college student, his roommate, and a great idea. Rho Kook Song and Paul Park are the co-founders of Freenters Inc.. They were college roommates and fraternity brothers, at the University of Chicago, who wanted to create something that sparked the interest of young college students. … Continue reading A Priest, A Minister, and a Rabbi Walk Into A Bar…


Avoid Poor Spending Habits

Sometimes when you get to college, it's your first experience with true independence. We have a tendency to not invest where we should and spend money on things we don't need. Whether it's your first year in school or your last, everyone makes the same common mistakes. Make sure you don't pick up on these poor … Continue reading Avoid Poor Spending Habits

What To Do When You’re Blue

Honestly, college sucks. That's the horrible truth that no one wants to admit. Although this is a brutal perception, it doesn't mean you have to let reality get to you. When you feel like giving up, there are far more things to think about than how much college sucks. Mid-terms are coming up, so you need … Continue reading What To Do When You’re Blue

10 Dates For When You’re Both Broke

10 dates quality dates that won't break the bank